Vertex Industries, Inc.

Vertex Announces Arrival of UniTherm Insulation Systems

Austenitex Launches UniTherm Insulation Systems

The Austenitex division of Vertex Industries recently announced the arrival of UniTherm products! UniTherm designs, develops, and manufactures insulation blankets for all applications; specializing in the plastics and oil and gas industries. Their goal is to create insulation systems that are energy efficient, provide personnel protection, easy to use, and long lasting.

They are constantly working to create new insulation products that benefit the environment through increased energy efficiency and protect personnel from the hot applications they work around. Their dedication to providing the very best in insulation systems has led them to create several unique, patented products to serve various industries around the world. Austenitex offers a variety of products from UniTherm inlcuding FreezePro Frost Protection Systems, ISOCOVER Pipe and Valve Insulation, UniVest Plastics Equipment Insulation, and Fasteners and Accessories! Instituting UniTherm products into your facility will not only protect employees from hazards but will also increase energy efficiency resulting in saved costs for you and a lesser impact on the environment.

UniTherm's number one objective is serving their customers and distributors in the very best way possible. They hold the highest standards for the quality, delivery, cost, and ease of use of their products and consistently build on that standard of excellence through continuous product improvement and customer interaction.

You can browse UniTherm Insulation Systems now on the Austenitex website!