Vertex Industries, Inc.

Vertex Announces Arrival of PTP Turbo Blankets

The Verocious Motorsports branch of Vertex is excited to announce the arrival of PTP Turbo Blankets products to their selection. PTP Turbo Solutions, LLC., widely known as PTP Turbo Blankets, is one of the leading suppliers of turbo blankets and heat wraps in the country, appealing to both street and race performance enthusiasts!

Treat your turbo right, every turbo deserves a blanket!

While PTP is known widely for its turbo blankets it also manufactures exhaust wraps, heat sleeves, and heat mats/tape. There are many benefits to one using a turbo blanket or other heat insulating products from PTP. A turbo blanket will protect components within your engine bay from the damaging heat that is produced by your turbocharger. The turbo blanket works by isolating the heat produced by the turbo charger instead of letting it escape as would happen with a turbocharger without a blanket. Using a turbo blanket will also increase the performance of your turbocharger by keeping "the hot side hot." This simply means that more of hot, highly expansive gas will be held within the turbocharger which will create a greater amount of pressure as it escapes thus increasing the efficiency of your turbocharger. Furthermore, a turbo blanket improves turbocharger performance by keeping "the cool side cool." This simply means that the air around the intake system will be cooler and contain more oxygen. The more oxygen rich the air that reaches the engine the more power the engine will be able to produce.

Choosing your turbo blanket from PTP is an excellent choice because all of their turbo blankets are hand-crafted in North America, and quality is guaranteed. The PTP Turbo Blanket is very well known in the industry for its high standards for material selection, design, and construction, and also for PTP's ability to provide these high quality products at an affordable price. It is important to note that, as unfortunate as it is, there are many imitation turbo blankets out there - often made in China. These imitation turbo blankets are manufactured using much inferior materials for construction. Imitation turbo blankets can be ineffective or worse, they can be dangerous if flammable materials are used. PTP Turbo Blankets and wraps are the result of years of product research and development. The exact same materials that are used in their turbo blankets and wraps are currently being used in multiple military applications. Their materials are on the cutting edge of heat insulation technology.

You can find PTP Turbo Blankets and other PTP products on the Verocious Motorsports website!