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Vertex Announces Launch of Austenitex Website

Austenitex - New Website

The Austenitex division of Vertex Industries recently launched a revamped version of their website. Coupled with the new website is a new logo look and Austenitex slogan: "The Cleanest Fit!"

The new website strives to be visually appealing while creating a fluid and interactive platform for shoppers to purchase products on. The website homepage is centered around a featured products collection which allows customers to easily see some of the most popular products offered. Customers can browse products by category or by brand and they can also use the search feature to find specific products they are looking for. All product listings include a high resolution image along with a detailed description of the product including all important information, any specifications, and any warranty information.

The cart and checkout features of the website are also catered to the convenience of the customer. A customer can add a product to their cart with the click of a button and continue shopping right away. Furthermore, if a customer leaves the website the website will keep the contents of their cart saved for their next return. Checking out is simple in that one does not need to create an account to purchase; they can simply check out as a guest. Creating an account will however make checkout much quicker and simpler for returning customers.

The website is also full of valuable resources to help a customer make the most out of their purchase and their projects. offers a variety of manufacturer catalogs along with a variety of tech info including conversions, gauges, weights, and pressures. Customers also have the option of interacting with Austenitex by selecting to leave feedback; this option can be found at the bottom of the website on the right side.

Austenitex is excited for customers to visit and enjoy the new website and is also excited to hear feeback about the website!

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